Unions Laboring to Organize, The Arizona Sun


This article composed by Seth Muller reveals the number one concern of Unions is health care. People are shopping for jobs based on health benefits. Employers are decreasing the amounts they subsidize health insurance and are going for lower costing plans that give fewer benefits in order to stay afloat. What would the world be like if you had health insurance whether or not you worked and if the benefits were all the same no matter what job you had. Would you retire early, get a different job? Am I describing utopia, no, I am describing the rest of the developed world, just pick your country, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, etc. Who knows, maybe people will start shopping countries based on health care rather than jobs. The real problem is that health insurance should not be linked to one's employment. It is a ruse that the health insurance industry has been playing for years with clever advertising. In order for us to compete with other countries, for our floundering economy to rise, we need to lift the burden of health care from the employers and rightly shift it to the government where it should have been all along.