Health Premiums Devouring Paychecks, 10 Sept, 2004 , The Arizona Republic


This article was written by Tony Pugh and made it to the front page. It is a two page highly informative , accurate, unbiased and well written article and I recommend reading it in its entirety. He summarizes the annual survey done by the Washington-based Kaiser Family foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, based in Chicago , both highly respected organizations. Health insurance premiums are rising about 14%/yr, inflation 2.2%/yr and salaries 2.2%/yr. You do the math, it's ugly. The number of uninsured rose to 48 million and will continue to rise. Neither political party wants to tackle the problem as it may involve rationing health care and taking on the powerful health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. My question is exactly who is running the country? If a company becomes powerful enough to dictate the politics of our individual right to health care, then it's is time for change. For a solution to the looming crisis, go to the P NHP web site. To see the full article, click here.