Is Kaiser the Future of American Health Care? The New York Times, 31 Oct 2004 by Steve Lohr


This is a well-written and informative article presenting all viewpoints regarding the future of health care in America. With 45 million uninsured, and per capita spending at $6,167 a person per year this country is in a health care crisis. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who says, Oh, I don't have to worry about that problem, my company gives me great coverage, what's all the hoopla about. Take a look around at shrinking benefits in the airline industry and you may be in the same boat some day or what if you lose your job. Health insurance in our country is equated with being employed and not all of us are employed all the time. The two basic issues are who will pay the bill for health care and what sort of system will we have. Physicians for a National Health Plan, proposes a national health care plan subsidized by the government. Based on a study from Harvard Medical School, this plan has the best chance of succeeding. It is possible that the future government plan will be structured after Kaiser in an effort to provide care, but reduce costs. The biggest hurdle is convincing our elected leaders (who all have great health insurance, so they don't understand those of us including myself who struggle with the system) to enact national health care and once and for all put an end to the private health care industry's tyrannical power over our basic right, health care. For information on national health care click on this link to