Title: Hospital Privileges
Author: Mark Hopkins, M.D.
Rating: Must Read!
Publisher: Publish
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Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl
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Corporate America enters the medical field. Rather, Capitalism runs the medical field. In a profession that should be ruled by compassion and medical care, the practice has turned into a purely moneymaking scheme for some. And it is a deadly game of competition for money. Based on real life events, Mark Hopkins has written a book that is a real eye opener for every American.

An assassin is hired to kill two orthopedic surgeons at a conference in Vail Colorado . They die in an avalanche and it is initially chalked up to accidental circumstance. The local police don't get all that much to do most of the time and one officer, a former homicide detective from Chicago , has plenty of time to look into the recent deaths. Something just doesn't seem right. At the same time, Dr. Mark Adams is doing some investigating of his own. The two doctors that had died held the same beliefs as he, that corporate holdings should have nothing to do with medicine. He uncovers some very interesting information regarding a monster parent company that is making progress at taking over the entire medical practice of the country.

It seems that doctors who do not want to join the parent company are being killed off one by one in seemingly accidental tragedies. Mark sends an email off and eventually it comes to the attention of the FBI, CIA and the President. Can the truth be uncovered in time? Can someone put a stop to the insane empire that is being built of the basic needs of people for health care?

In a fast moving, attention grabbing plot, "Hospital Privileges" tells a story that every American needs to read in a way that is entertaining and thought provoking. A handful of typos and misprints do not detract from the author's good writing, though there are instances where the characters suddenly know facts without the reader being witness to the thought process of the situation. These are not major distractions and can be overlooked since the overall plot and conveyance of the story is well performed. I applaud Mark Hopkins, M.D. in his endeavor to provide a good read, and relay some disturbingly true events.

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