How much is true and how much is fiction? This is the most commonly asked question. Much of what was said about health insurance companies and surgical centers is true. As for the doctor's deaths, this is fiction, but it could be actually happening. The records of surgical centers are very secretive and not open to the public, so it is possible to hide many things. Usually when people are hiding something it is because it is either illegal, immoral or dishonest. Many orthopedic surgeons have died as a result of the types of accidents that I described. You decide.

Was your life really threatened and how? Yes, my life was really theatened. The threat was made over the phone by an irate corporate type. Immediately following the threat, this person's attorney called me and told me I had to sign the contract because I was obligated to do so. No one came after me with a knife or gun, but the threat was real and the person was not kidding around. Later this same person would say that it was just a joke. This threat is what gave me the idea to write the book. I felt if someone was desperate enough to threaten my life just to make a surgical center profitible, then what might really be going on across the country???? The book is meant to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the problem of corporate healthcare.