A popular and prolific orthopedic surgeon in Park City , Dr. Mark Hopkins ran a burgeoning clinic that saw not only local residents, but also many tourists. He has semi- retired to pursue his interest in improving the health care system and continues to live in Park City . Married with two children, Dr. Hopkins has lived in Utah for 12 years and Park City for the past eight years. He is an avid skier as well as snowboarder, and spends much of his free time in the backcountry snowboarding and snowshoeing with his younger son. Believe it or not, the events depicted in Hospital Privileges are based on shocking true events. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. And no one knows that better than Dr. Mark Hopkins.


According to Managed Care On-Line , there are currently 176.4 million Americans enrolled in either a Health Maintenance Organization, otherwise known as an “HMO,” or a Preferred Provider Organization, commonly referred to as a “PPO.”

This does not count the millions of American seniors in our Medicare system, as well as the tens of millions of uninsured and underinsured currently existing well under managed health care's radar. This translates into nearly 300 million Americans who are currently concerned with what's wrong with the current health care system in this country.

Enter Dr. Mark Hopkins, M.D., who uses this controversial and heated current affair, not to mention the unbelievably large potential audience who is concerned with it, as the backdrop for this thrilling new detective/crime/action novel that portrays the struggle of doctors to survive in a health care system that has turned against them.


During the building of the impressive medical center, his very life was threatened by a member of the real estate entity who was eagerly trying to get the good doctor to sign a contract with the center. Hopkins quickly, and quite personally, learned about the “dark side” of corporate health care, and this fast-paced novel is based on his own, personal experiences.