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Prevention of Medical Problems and Diseases:

  • POWERPOINT -Measuring Physical Fitness. Download
  • Hyalgan, Synvisc, Supartz - New Non-Operative Treatments for Osteoarthritis. Link
  • POWERPOINT - New Concepts for Management of Osteoarthritis in the Knee, an Interactive Forum. Download

Dietary Supplements:

  • Dietary Supplements for Healthy Joints. Link
  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine Reference Articles. Link


Political and social issues affecting medicine today:

  • Medical Malpractice Crisis. Link
  • The Value Driven Society. Link
  • 1 in 5 Health Care Dollars Used for Insurance Paperwork. Link
  • New Study Shows U.S. Hospital Charges Continue to Rise, Even After Changes in Medicare Payment Policy. Link
  • PNHP Members Urge Gov. Romney on Single-Payer. Link
  • PNHP Decries "State of the Union" Health Care Proposals. Link
  • The Latino Health Insurance Crisis: A Forgotten Community. Link
  • Doctor-owned Surgical Centers, do they represent a potential conflict of interest? Link
  • Pharmaceutical industry. Link

Outdoor Sport Activities:

  • Snowboarding in Arizona on July 6, 2005. Link


Injury Prevention Articles:

  • My First and Only Experience with Acute Mountain Sickness. Link
  • My Son's Experience with AMS. Link
  • Mountain biking Injuries. Link
  • Summer sports in Park City. Link
  • Summer Sports in Phoenix, AZ. Link
  • Day Hiking (Park City, UT). Link
  • Day Hiking (Phoenix, AZ). Link
  • Selecting Running Shoes. Link
  • Prevention of Rotator Cuff injuries. Link
Hospital Priveleges      In a Colorado ski resort town, two doctors die under mysterious circumstances, while their deaths are reported as little more than a “tragic accident.” However, a local police detective named Scotty Corrigan is suspicious of the deaths. During his investigation, he contacts Mark Adams, a doctor in a resort town in Utah for help in the case. Unbeknownst to the police officer, Adams begins to do an informal investigation of the deaths on his own and discovers something more frightening than anything he has ever encountered before. Suddenly, he is propelled into a world where there is no distinction between right and wrong, good and bad, and where power and wealth determine everything—the world of corporate health care, where the bottom line is the dollar.
     He frantically turns to the only person he knows. When his information lands in the wrong hands in Washington D.C., a race begins between the pursuit of truth and justice—and his very own life. So unfolds the staggering saga of Hospital Privileges: The Harrowing Story of one Doctor’s Journey Through Conspiracy & Violence by Mark D. Hopkins, M.D. An orthopedic surgeon who was involved in the design and development of the Park City Surgical Center, Dr. Mark Hopkins knows of which he speaks! About the author...   Book Reviews

The publication date of this book was 5 July 2004. To order please go to or click here.


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